Flexible and reliable networks

Network infrastructure has become an integral part of most, if not all, businesses. It enables you to access business critical data where and when you need it. With the emergence of new network technologies and internet based services, now more than ever, the need for a resilient, future proof network is paramount. But equally important is the need to secure your network against unauthorised access, viruses and employee misuse.

With exciting developments in internet and mobile technology, there are now numerous ways to access your network. While this can be a great asset to your business, if not managed properly, it can compromise network security and cause severe problems. We work with our customers to establish who needs access to what, where and when. We then design and install a network that enables that access, whilst remaining fully secure. As part of our support we will advise of new and emerging technologies that may be advantageous to the way your network is configured.

We manage every aspect of networking including:

  • Cabling
  • Wireless Networking
  • Virtual Private Networks (site to site)
  • Remote Access (e.g. home workers)
  • Network Security (Firewall/Anti-Virus/Intrusion Prevention)
  • Internet Access Control

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